The Best MacBook For Interior Design in 2023

1: Processor Type

The first thing you’ll need to consider when choosing your MacBook for interior design is the processor type you want to go with. Some are strictly 2-in-1s, meaning that they can be used as both a laptop and tablet; others have no screen at all and can only be used as a laptop (these are more often called laptops, even though they technically aren’t). It all depends on what you prefer — do you like being able to turn the screen around and use it like a tablet? Or do you prefer to stick with just your keyboard?

The Top Qualities

Here’s a top 10 list of what makes a good laptop perfect for interior designers. And then we’ll dive into how you can determine if your current model is up to snuff or in need of replacement.

1. Display: The best laptops for interior designers should have great display quality with clear images and smooth motion, even at high resolutions.

2. Portability: Laptops are designed to be portable, and many professional models don’t skimp on slimness or light weight – yet other features are added as well so that they remain comfortable to use while you’re on-the-go.

3. Battery Life: A good laptop needs an awesome battery life and ideally an option to extend it further with a USB charger cable, or external power supply from home or work!

Important Feature #1 – The Screen Size

While most users don’t consider screen size to be a big deal, interior designers are going to want as much screen real estate as possible. That means they’ll want a 13-inch screen, or bigger. The larger your screen, and particularly your viewing space, it’s easier to work with while you’re on-the-go or if you want to show something off to a client. Having an extra inch or two can make all of the difference in how easy it is for you and your client to view images and designs together on your device without hunching over and straining yourself.

Important Feature #2 – Processor Power

Once you’ve found a machine with an adequate processor, it’s time to think about how powerful that processor is. When it comes to processors, more isn’t always better. For example, a 2 GHz processor will run faster than a 1.5 GHz processor (all other things being equal), but most tasks aren’t processor-intensive enough to require much more power than what’s offered by a 1.5 GHz chip. A higher-power Intel Core i7-8550U CPU might offer slightly better performance than a mid-range i5 CPU—but at least on paper, not enough that you’ll notice in real life…until your battery runs out and you still have hours of work left ahead of you!

Important Feature #3 – Graphics Card

Gaming laptops are becoming more and more popular, especially with students. While it’s true that you don’t need a dedicated graphics card to run a few photo or video editing programs (namely, GIMP and Lightroom), having one makes these programs much easier to use, plus it means you can play modern games on medium-to-high settings. The most recent addition to my laptop is a GTX 970M from Nvidia, which gives me better performance while only adding around 100$ to 200$ in cost (depending on what version of 1080p screen I go with). I chose that particular card because my last laptop had a AMD GPU and those seemed to overheat easily when playing anything above an HD resolution for an extended period of time.

Important Feature #4 – Storage Space

The best MacBook for interior designers must come with plenty of storage space. If you can afford it, go for a hard drive that’s 256 GB or higher. Higher storage equals more software, more photos and more videos; you need enough space to store all your design projects without worrying about running out of room.

Of course, if money is an issue, you should choose a laptop with less internal storage (between 128GB to 256GB) but you should make sure that there’s an SD card slot so that you can save files on an external SD card. This will work in lieu of having enough hard disk space on your computer’s hard drive. Some mid-range models do have SD card slots so be sure to check when shopping around for a new laptop computer for interior designers.

Important Feature #5 – Memory/RAM

The more space you have, the more ideas and images you can store. When working on a project in Photoshop or Sketch, it’s easy to fill up a 512GB hard drive fast. That’s why most of us opt for at least 1TB of space—you never know when inspiration will strike. Extra storage also means that you don’t have to keep deleting your old files and start fresh every six months or so. 2TB+ is even better if possible; an extra terabyte would probably last us two years at least.

Important Feature #6 – Operating System (OS) Compatibility

As an interior designer, you spend a lot of time typing and creating work on your laptop. This means that keyboard quality is very important. Laptops with island-style keyboards, such as those on the Apple Macbook and Microsoft Surface Pro, tend to have better keyboards than traditional PC laptops.

The keys are more spread out so your fingers don’t overlap while typing, making it easier to type faster with fewer errors and not feeling cramped up at all. Also keep in mind that these types of keyboards are usually backlit so you can use them in low light conditions with ease. If typing speed or comfort is very important to you then one of these options should be considered for your next computer purchase.

Important Feature #7 – Keyboard Quality and Layout Section:

No one likes a bad keyboard, so it’s important to check out a laptop’s keys before you buy. All Apple laptops have comfortable keyboards, but you can also find comfortable keyboards in some non-Apple models, like Microsoft’s Surface Book and HP’s Spectre x360. Look for keys that are large and well-spaced. Some laptops feature individual LED backlights for each key or per-key illumination that lights up only when you press down on a key. A backlit keyboard is helpful for working in dark environments or when you need to work outside at night.

Important Feature #8 – Battery Life Section:

While you’re travelling around, you won’t always have access to a power outlet. To stay connected and get work done, you’ll need a laptop that can last several hours without needing a charge. Go for about 5 hours or more if possible to make sure it will last through your typical work day. If battery life is a deal-breaker for you, consider an ultraportable laptop like Apple’s 12-inch MacBook or one of Dell’s XPS line—both are under 2 pounds and offer all-day battery life.

Important Feature #9 – Weight :

Make sure your laptop isn’t too heavy. You’ll be carrying it around with you a lot, and even a few extra pounds can start to add up over time. Weight becomes an even bigger issue if you’re moving from place to place regularly (interior designers who travel frequently will have different needs than those who only do so occasionally).

Make sure that your new laptop is as light as possible without sacrificing performance or keyboard comfort. It might also be worth getting into weightlifting if you think it will help reduce wear-and-tear on your body after long days of lugging around a hefty computer.

Important Feature #10 – Sturdiness/Quality of Material

When you’re creating a design, you don’t want your computer to flinch. If a material is not strong enough, it may warp or break when you least expect it. While cheaper computers can be great for casual use, interior designers need more sturdiness in their materials. The best computer for an interior designer should have a sturdy frame that will keep parts from moving around when pressure is applied to them. Such frames are usually made of aluminum alloy or heavy-duty plastic, making them both lightweight and incredibly durable at the same time. Laptops should also be easy to clean; after all, they will get messy while working with clients!

Our Final Recommendation

If you’re an interior designer, you may be looking for a laptop that has enough power to get your work done. If that’s your main concern, then a 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro will do. It packs Intel Core i7 processors also if you are on a tight budget then go with the latest model 2021 which has powerful apple m1 chip and more than 12 hours of battery life into a thin body that weighs less than three pounds.

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